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Experts Tips for Enjoying Craft Beer

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There is no doubt that brands invest a lot in brewing macro-beers, which most customers are accustomed to. However, with so many bars, restaurants, malls, and convenience stores selling time-tested favourites, it is okay to try something different. Craft beer offers the opportunity, and its uniqueness is well worth your money and time. However, trying craft beer for the first time can be confusing. Besides, your approach influences your experience. Significantly. This post offers expert tips for trying craft beer for the first time.

Talk to a Bartender

Most bars and restaurants serving craft beer have long menus, which can be exhausting to any craft beer newbie. The last thing you want is to spend at least 10 minutes perusing a menu only to order a pint you do not like. Rather than dive in the deep end and sink, let a bartender guide you from the shallow end. Most bartenders are knowledgeable in their craft and always enthusiastic about discussing craft beer with customers. Therefore, strike a conversation with a bartender and let them know what your favourite time-tested beers are. They will use the information to recommend a craft beer that suits your taste. Remember, most craft beer bartenders have sophisticated tastes; therefore, pretending to have experience will not do you any good. Trust in a bartender's expertise, and you will not regret the experience.

Check the ABV

One thing with most craft beers is that they are served straight from a barrel or a dispenser. Therefore, it is not easy to know their ABV (alcohol by volume), and some customers try to match a beer's name to its alcohol content. However, the approach does not usually work since most bars get creative with naming their craft beers. Therefore, it is advisable to confirm a beer's ABV before ordering, particularly if you plan to have a few pints. It is advisable to start with the lightest beer and end with drinks with a high ABV. However, beginning with a hoppy beer will crush your taste receptors, making it hard to enjoy the next beer.

Consider Your Cuisine

Some people believe that only wine needs paring with the right food. However, it is not true because the food you plan to eat will affect your craft beer experience. For instance, if you plan to order a well-done steak, pair it with brown craft beers, such as ales and stouts. The reason is that red meat tends to neutralise the bitterness in dark brown beers. However, lighter craft beers, including lagers, are best paired with light foods, such as fish and chicken, since they are less bitter. As a result, they do not overpower your meal and alter your taste buds.  

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